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Eau de Jo

Twirling in the Millenium

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7 August 1962
My journal is not safe for work. Add with care.

From January 25-March 3 I will be on tour with the Sex Workers Art Show, talking about stripping my way through college. I'll also be teaching tassel twirling, so if you've ever wondered how it's done, this is a great time to find out!


Right now I'm processing my past a lot, so I'll be telling stories on my livejournal that I've been telling my friends for years. Either I'm exorcising demons or I'm courting them, I'm not sure which.

I've been a performer and activist for about 25 years. I thought I'd be done with all that by now, but I guess I'm not!

Posting in my journal is for friends only. However, if you want to respond and you're not about to be my friend, I'm easy as pie to reach via many other means.

I also moderate a burlesque photo journal:

And a burlesque Flickr group opened by Dale Harris:

Most of my influences and inspirations are named, credited, adored, linked, and tributed on my website. They aren't all there yet, but I care and I'm trying.

I believe that tribute and credit where credit is due are high forms of flattery. I do not believe that imitation by itself is flattering at all; I think it's insulting to the muse of the person whose hard work you appropriate (even if you don't know for sure that the person who inspired you came up with the idea). Whenever a person appropriate someone else's ideas, he or she insults his or her own muse as well.

Just know this, I have no patience for cyber-stalkers who change their email addresses and screen names and so on in order to try to scare me, then talk to me in the exact same Comic-Book-Guy condescending "bet ya haven't heard this before" tone that assures me that not only are they the same person as last time, they're either drunk or twelve years old. I'm already dealing with identity theft with someone using my SSN and have been having the occasional conversation with federal authorities, so know that even if you're somewhat effective you're small fry in terms of messing up my life, jerko.

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