gstringgirl (gstringgirl) wrote,

Pubic Hair and Vagina, Vagina, Vagina

After having been horrified by this, I decided to grow out some of my pubic hair. Previously, if someone admired my red hair and asked if the carpet matched the drapes, I'd say, "Honey, it's linoleum, it goes with EVERYTHING." But my aesthetic was, frankly, shaken by that photo, which was worse for me than being goatsed.

Incidentally, I keep finding references to Britney's vagina, but that is not her vagina. It is (are?) her labia.

So I've begun shaving more discriminately. However, tonight I'm doing my International Lover number, which has a prodigious camel toe in it, and I'm wondering if my change in grooming habits will make this not safe for work.

I'm particularly conscious of such things because when I was a dancer in Atlanta, we danced nude and were required by law to refrain from shaving our pubic hair in a "manor (sic, right in the law) so as to further expose the vagina." Periodically a female sheriff would do a drop-in at the club and we'd have to stand on a chair while she shined a light between our legs and determined if we were decent when we were nude. If we weren't, we got sent home.

On Saturday I get to go spend some quality time with Julie's Mr. Pussy, as well as with Kembra, on whose shaven vagina I have cracked a paint-filled egg. Perhaps that will give me a clearer perspective on my shaving issues.
Tags: britney spears, pubic hair, sheriff, womanizer

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